Tiger Woods Magazine Pictures with No Shirt On Cause a Stir

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Tiger Woods has always been a guy who flew under the radar, a guy who was adept at PC media-speak who never seemed to be caught in a remotely compromising position.

Now after the situation that unfolded regarding Tiger Woods’ many alleged mistresses, people have begun to look at the golfer in a different late whether completely warranted or not.

Woods was expected to appear shirtless in an issue for Vanity Fair magazine for an issue expected to be released last week according to the New York Daily News.

But what do the shirtless Vanity Fair Magazine Photos say about Tiger Woods?

Tiger Woods Shirtless Vanity Fair Magazine Photo

The shirtless photo of Tiger Woods in the Vanity Fair shows the typically relaxed golfer in a menacing pose shirtless with weights in each hand.

It was a photo shoot the photographer said was meant to capture Woods as the competitive athlete he transforms into on Sundays especially when he hits the golf course. Remember, PGA golfers like Tiger Woods fight for millions of dollars when they hit the links and the sport is probably more mental than it is physical.

It’s the cold, calculated resolve shown in the Vanity Fair photos of Tiger Woods shirtless that makes him such a great golfer. It’s the same kind of mental toughness we’ve seen in top-notch athletes like Tom Brady, Michael Phelps, and others at the top of their games in the world of sports who are also icons and among the best players in the world.

Tiger Woods’ shirtless photos in Vanity Fair may have been released at a bad time, however, as people are associating this with some sort of new Tiger Woods who doesn’t seem to stand for the same values as he did before.

But personally, the photos, while odd compared to how we’ve seen Tiger in the past, seem like an innocent thing to me and nothing to be too concerned about. Tiger Woods made mistakes and he has admitted them, now it’s time to move on and focus on more important things in the news such as the revialization of the economy and the importance of eating healthy, real food as medical costs skyrocket, etc.

Tiger Woods’ shirtless photos caused a stir just like we all predicted they would when they hit Vanity Fair and the Internet but now it’s time to move on. And anyone who knows Tiger Woods knows he already has and should be back to dominating on the golf course ASAP.


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