Urijah Faber’s Popular California-Themed WEC Entrance Song

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The WEC has grown tremendously im popularity in recent months and much of it is because of their golden boy in the featherweight division, Urijah Faber.

His battles with the likes of former UFC lightweight champ Jens Pulver and former WEC featherweight champ Mike Thomas Brown have been classics and have raised the profile of the league. Plus Faber brings a vibrant personality into the cage and an exciting fighting style to MMA fights in the cage.

The “California Kid’ also has a WEC entrance song that fits his personality and home state quite well. Faber has made the WEC home and his entrance song is a big part of his charm among MMA fans.

What is Urijah Faber’s WEC Entrance Song?

Urijah Faber’s typical WEC entrance song is “California Love” by Tupac Shakur and Dr. Dre. The entrance song is a good for Faber because it is a good combination of being laid back and confident along with an uptempo beat.

Faber is the same way as the song in the cage in that he is always energetic and borderline crazy yet he alway seems to be in control much like the way Tupac is with his flows in the song. The entrance song “California Love” has that signature opening where it announces the title/part of the chorus right away and lets the fans know when it’s time to get hyped up.

Many WEC fighters change their entrance songs a lot but it is likely that “The California Kid,” Urijah Faber, will keep “California Love” as his entrance song for years to come in the WEC or even the UFC should he ever fight in that promotion.


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