Tom Lawlor’s Entrance Song/Video at UFC Fight Night

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Tom Lawlor is another in a generation of showmen in MMA and the UFC who likes to come in to entrance songs that showcase his wacky personality.

He has come in with friend and fellow MMA fighter Seth Petruzelli on a leash to the Baha Men entrance song “Who Let the Dogs Out?” in the UFC before and that was only a hint of what Lawlor had up his sleeve for future entrances.

Now, a video of Lawlor at UFC Fight Night 20 is making the rounds of his entrance at the event and it has many fans laughing.

Tom Lawlor’s Entrance Song and Video at UFC Fight Night 20

Tom Lawlor came out for his fight with Aaron Simpson at UFC Fight Night 20 to the Hulk Hogan wrestling anthem “I Am a Real American.”

Seeking to re-create Hulkamania as Lawlormania with the entrance song at UFC Fight Night 20, Lawlor came out to “I Am a Real American” with its patriotic lyrics and wore a brightly colored yellow and black outfit while waving the U.S. flag.

Lawlor got the crowd going because of the campy, not-too-serious nature of the entrance song at UFC Fight Night 20. A video of the entrance can currently be seen at but probably for a limited time, by searching “Lawlormania.”

Tom Lawlor lost a tough, controversial split decision to Aaron Simpson despite the entertaining entrance song on the night. He should be back soon however and could be one of the better young middleweight prospects in the UFC for the future.


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