America’s Fight For Independence

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In America’s history the war of 1812 confirmed once in for all America’s independence. The war of 1812 was between the US and the British Empire the war lasted from 1812 to 1815. There were several immediate stated causes for the U.S. declaration of war. Beginning with a series of trade restrictions enforced upon the US to hamper trade with France. Followed with the impressments of American sailors into the royal navy, as well as the British support of the American Indians who opposed the expansion of American frontier.

Spanish-American relations suffered during the 19th century both countries tried to compete for land in the new world. The existence of Spanish colonies east of the Mississippi River caused resentment in the United States. With the support of Washington American settlers in Florida revolted against Spain rule. This resulted in Spain losing its colonies. The Adams-Onís Treaty between the two countries was signed in 1819.

In September 1813, a British force on Lake Erie set out to attack American ships Oliver Hazard Perry led the American forces. Throughout the battle Perry’s ship had been destroyed after Perry’s ship was destroy, he rowed to another ship and took charge; he then went on to win the battle. General William Henry Harrison, who then set out to attack the British on land. Harrison pursued the British forces and defeated them at the Battle of the Thames. This victory ended the British threat in the Northwest.

The British had begun to attack several forts as well as attacking Washington, D.C. There, they burned public buildings, including the White House. During the burning of Washington First Lady Dolley Madison had fled, after gathering valuables, documents and other items of importance, notably the Lansdowne Portrait, a full-length painting of George Washington by Gilbert Stuart. Before peace was concluded in December 1814, the British launched an effort to seize a portion of southern Louisiana. On January 8, 1815, American forces, under General Jackson, decisively defeat the British forces trying to capture New Orleans. The battle, which takes place after the Treaty of Ghent has been signed, is the most decisive American victory of the war.

The Treaty of Ghent was signed December 24, 1814 it ended the war between Great Britain and America. The treaty released all prisoners but other than that made no major changes to the pre war situation. The war of 1812 was a war that in all truth showed nothing but America willingness to fight for it independence.


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