Valentines On A Budget

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Valentines is fast approaching and some of us don’t have much extra money, that doesn’t change the fact that many women enjoy Valentines and will want to celebrate the day. Guys, if you are wondering how you can possibly do anything without much money, it’s time to get creative. Not the creative or romantic type? Don’t worry, this article will help you find ways to show your girl you love her even if you don’t know what to do.

Take a visit to your local dollar store, there you can find heart shaped paper or construction paper to make a card. Don’t know what to write in it? Search online for “love letters” to give you ideas to start from. Don’t just copy what you read online, make it personal and just use what you read as an idea. While at the dollar store look for affordable gifts. Buy a basket and fill it with nice smelling lotions, bath salts and candles. Get a nice dish and fill it with a bag of candy. Or a coffee mug with some coffee sweeteners. Spend more of your time thinking up a thoughtful present for your loved one and spend less cash buying same old ordinary things.

If time allows, something as simple as breakfast in bed can go a long way towards making your special someone feel loved. Hide thoughtful notes throughout the house for your girl to find. An evening hand in hand walk can make her feel special. When you get home from the walk, run her a hot bubble bath to relax in while you make dinner. A candle light dinner is romantic and it does not have to be extravagant. Prepare spaghetti some vegetables and a bottle of juice. Simple but will make her very happy. If the weather is not too bad go outside with a couple blankets and cuddle up together to watch the stars.

Sometimes people think the only way to have fun or spend time together is to spend a lot of money, that is not always true. Some of the best gifts involve much more thought then money. Some of the best memories are made when little to no money is spent. This year, don’t go broke buying flowers that will die or expensive trinkets that won’t be remembered, instead give your significant other your time and make memories that will last.

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