Film Review: Bridget Jones’s Diary

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I am a fan of the romantic comedy genre when made well which I’m thankful to say this one is. Many fall short with predictable plotlines and jokes but this, although predictable in places, has enough moments that are genuinely funny to keep it interesting.

The story is fairly simple: Bridget (Renee Zellweger) is a lonely 32 year old spinster (I know, spinster at 32? That is how she is introduced in the film) with terrible luck with men. Before she knows it, like buses, two come along at once. Firstly we have her egotistical and brash boss Daniel Cleaver (Hugh Grant) and secondly dull bore Mark Darcey (Colin Firth) who is the family friend and recent divorcee that Bridget’s mother keeps trying to set her up with but who she loathes. Many swings and roundabouts later she plumps for one of the two.

For the predictability of the story, Richard Curtis has done a great job here as have all the leads in the cast. This is arguably Zellweger’s best comic performance as the hapless Bridget where she is genuinely very funny but also likeable. Hugh Grant plays a smarmier character than normal, which is refreshing to see, and he does so with aplomb. He is genuinely loveable and loathsome in equal measure. Firth plays the least interesting character here but does enough to inject life into Darcey and make him likeable too.

A great date film, which I think is entertaining for both men and women, I can highly recommend it.


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