How to save money on College textbooks?

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Money is hard to come by these days and it is even hard when you don’t have enough money to attend college. I will give you few ideas that will make a huge difference.

Try online shopping.

Look for books on sale from Amazon or EBay. There are lots of other sites too, but I personally feel these two sites are the best. Buy used books whenever possible. It not only saves money but is also good for the environment.

Use sites such as is a site that displays results from many bookstores for a particular book. The site has many search options in which you can choose the price range and condition of the book. To search for a book here, you need to type in the ISBN number found behind the text. It gives great results every time I search for my book. I have saved hundreds of dollars in this website. is not a seller; it is just a search engine for all the stuff I mention below.

Another similar site to Bigwords is This site too functions exactly the same. I would suggest you to search in both these sites to find the best deal. Both the sites also have DVDs, books, music and other stuff. Bigwords also has an Iphone app. This makes it easy for Iphone users to find a book for the best price. is not a seller; it is just a search engine for all the stuff I mentioned below.

Try getting eBooks.

EBooks are cheap and easy to maintain as it is stored in computers. Not many textbooks books are available as eBooks but there are few textbooks that are available in electronic form.

Try getting International editions.

They are cheaper than the U.S editions. Everything in the international edition is the same except for the cover. I recently bought my chemistry textbook for $45 when the U.S edition costs about $150. You will see the difference when you make a purchase. Buying international editions instead of U.S editions saves a ton of money. The content of the books in both the editions are the same, but the price isn’t.


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