Nokia N900 Review

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N900 design looks so great and similar to the Nokia N97, maybe some people will think this is a Nokia N97 if they do not notice the writing on the N900 mobile phone top right (viewed from a vertical position). N900 size lighter than its predecessor, to make the size of a light Nokia reduced the size of the screen. N900 screen size is only 3.5 inches, while his predecessor is equipped with a screen size 4-13-inches. With a screen resolution of 800 x 480 pixels, pixel density N900 screen looks very good. At the top of the screen is the earpiece, the video call camera, light sensor, proximity sensor, and LED lights are useful as an indicator for mobile phones. When sliding open, then there is a QWERTY keyboard 3 large lines but there is no distance between the keys.

Maemo 5 OS
This operating system used on all Internet tablet made by Nokia. N900 uses the Linux operating system which is certainly far better than its predecessor such as the accelerometer sensor on the N900. With the accelerometer sensor on the N900, you can see the screen in landscape or portrait position by mobile positioning in landscape or portrait mode and the screen will automatically follow the position of mobile phones. Parties Nokia Ovi service promises will also be presented by Nokia on the N900

On the homescreen, there are 4 screens that show the fruits of the current menu, is the same as some handsets that use Android OS. In addition you can also customize such as wallpaper, screen savers, and themes in N900. There is also the display widget on the N900 is useful as a shortcut to access the menu you want as kontask, applications, and browsers. With the widget you do not need to go into the menu to access an application.

N900 was created for browsing, because the N900 is an internet tablet. N900 using a browser called Maemo browser which uses the Mozilla browser technology and already supports Adobe Flash 9.4.

Display screen display looks similar to browsing when using a PC. Pages are automatically reduced in size and adjusted to screen size. To read the text on your web pages can zoom-in on the browser. To make a zoom-in you may be tapping the screen twice. With support for Adobe Flash 9.4, then you can play videos from websites that use flash formats such as or, except that you can play games flash format found on Facebook (like Mafia Wars). Browser performance is very reliable N900 should your PC at home.

N900 is equipped with GSM connectivity as there are GSM modules in N900. Besides using the GSM network to make a call you can use VoIP to make calls via Skype, googletalk, Ovi, Jabber and SIP are already installed in the N900. To make a call you only have to fill in name and password, after that, then the N900 will automatically connect you with VoIP service you use. You can view the status of your friends who are online in the phonebook.
In addition to using a QWERTY keyboard on the bottom, N900 is also equipped with a virtual QWERTY keyboard.

Camera and Multimedia Performance
On the back of the Nokia N900 is the camera resolution 5-megapixel class is equipped with Carl Zeiss optics Tessar and dual LED flash. Camera on the N900 seems to have really worked on the best possible by Nokia because it is different from the camera on the previous Nokia Internet tablets.

To use the camera you must open the camera lens cover, then the N900 will automatically go into camera mode. To take pictures you can use the camera shutter button located on the side of the N900. To make the camera settings you must use your fingers to use the touch screen N900, on the right side of the camera viewfinder is the camera settings you can customize to suit your needs. There are plenty of camera settings such as scene modes and flash modes on the camera.

Besides the camera, N900 is also equipped with multimedia features like video player that can play video with Xvid and DivX formats. You can download videos from the internet then you can play video on N900, so you do not have to bother to download the video using your PC and then putting on the N900.

There is a video player, music player certainly there. Audio player looks quite good and complete, the audio player is visualiasi display album art when songs are played. As usual, the songs will be grouped according to singer, song title and album name. In N900 video player you can also create their own playlists.

The latter is a feature to watch videos and listen to streaming audio on the N900. N900 is equipped with Internet radio, but to use the feature you suggest to use Wi-Fi or using the Internet to subscribe.

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