Make your computer more secure

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So I don’t want to waste your time with writing a novel here. So I’ll just start:

  1. You MUST check your Windows Update and Office Update very regulary because in this updates that you can miss if you don’t check them can be very important security updates. Usually they are. So if you don’t update you can rish your computer.
  2. Always have installed personal firewall!!! Some free ones: Comondo, ZoneAlarm, Ashampoo Firewall
  3. Install free anti-spyware software. I can’t tell you how useful I find this… So I recommend: Spybot Search & Destroy simply because it finds everything and it simply has no competition.
  4. Block your pop-up messages in Windows NT, 2000, or XP with disabling Windows Messenger Service. No, don’t freak out this has absoluteley nothing with Windows Live Messenger… So open Control panel –> Adminstrative tools –> Services –> You’ll se Messenger –> Right click on it and go to Poperties –> Set Start-up Type to disabled and click OK. Now you will not see any pop-ups any more.
  5. Use really strong passwords and change them oftenly. You should have at least 7 characters and use numbers, letters and symbols(at least one). So good password would be: 6zh?q9
  6. Buy Anti-Virus software and keep it up to date. Really buy it not any torrents or that crap because if you download torrents you will most likely get viruses with any seurity.
  7. Join or more email Security lists to get the newest information about the threats fast.
  8. So don’t be trustful on internet. Don’t give people passwords if they claim that they are support. Don’t open unknown emails and don’t login if you see

So this is it for now… Stay safe on computer(and anywhere else too)…


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