How to Setup an Email Client to Access the Hotmail Server

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There are many choices a person has when it comes to reading and sending Windows Live Hotmail. Of course there is the accessing mail through the web at But if you have several mail accounts and wish to read all your mail at one location, an email client is one option. Below are the steps you would take and the parameters you need to setup your client to retrieve and send mail through the Windows Live Hotmail server.

1. Select the email client to be used.

2. Go into settings and chose to add a new account. Make sure the account you are adding is an email account. Some email clients are also news clients too.

Note that the following steps are general steps that are pretty much the same with all email clients. The wording my be slightly different put it is requesting the same information at the same time.

3. Enter the requested name you would like to have displayed when sending email.

4. The type of email that you will be setting up is POP mail.

5. The server URL is

6. The port for retrieving email off the server is 995

7. It should be encrypted using SSL

8. Enter the account’s email URL or

9. Enter your password if requested.

The next set of details is for the send out new mail on the Windows Live Hotmail server.

10. The server URL is

11. The default port is 25 but sometimes block so use 587.

12. Authentication should be checked and TSL selected.

13. Enter your email address or

14. Enter your email password.

The email client is now setup to access Windows Live Hotmail server.


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