Dancer: Black Dragon

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Black Dragon

by Milton H Peebles III

previous chapter:  The Wizard Dragon Siridias

The last sired of Siridias

Brought hope to the Lair of Stohyer

His egg had to be watched carefully

For it was a rare floater

Floating eggs was a dragon sign

Within a great dragon power

Soon cracked open this floating egg

Revealing a mystic flower

Silver, gold, bronze, iron and ice

More colors than any before

So many songs written and sung

For their carols forevermore

He was given the name Korgos

An old family ancient name

He was so very mischievous

And turning all into a game

Then with each shedding of his skin

His colors became much darker

His games and plans more devious

He touched many with dark labor

Even when he was a youngling

He gathered such a following

He corrupted their souls with words

Of good deeds misery making

Korgos stood spoke and persuaded

Taking many into his fold

Dragons saw through his deception

They sorrowed for what was betold

Korgos took them from Lair Stohyer

They built a great tall black tower

For him they gathered great secrets

Filled this place with evil power

Within the tower of power

Korgos turned an evil ice black

And he became completely so

A sickly dark evil ice black

Misery unto certain death

The deception of black dragon

Siridias wept for his son

Knowing soon dragon slay dragon

In his tears he did greatly plead

A sinful son a life to save

It was the boasts of Korgos black

Of claiming to survive the grave

That a secret plan was devised

They feared to kill Korgos out right

He had power not seen before

They believed his boast could be right

Four dragons went to a north sea

Grasped two great pieces of ice

Siridias called forth his son

Korgos flew into trap of ice

Korgos within sent to the stars

The wizard dragon’s power bore

Siridias laid down to cry

Weeping lament forevermore


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