How to keep blog pagerank

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Google pagerank is a parametric to measure the success of a blog. If we have a high pagerank blog, our blog may be success. The visitor will come to our blog because our blog stay at first page of search page.

Google is the pagerank creator. Google set pagerank with algorithm and no one knows it except Google. They have right to increase or decrease Google pagerank. Google usually review the pagerank every three month. Do not be surprised if your blog pagerank decrease or increase.

No one knows why their blog could increase and decrease including me but I have some tips to keep our blog:

  1. Post permanently. You can post blog every day. If you cannot post every day, you can post every week.  Do not let your blog unless you do not care about it.
  2. Do not post any spam at your blog. Do not try to get benefit in short time with spam.
  3. You have better to leave paid to review program because Google does not like it and your blog will decrease soon.
  4. Link to other blog. If you some blog link to you, your blog may have high pagerank. Ask some friend to exchange blog link.
  5. Comment to other blog and do not forget to put link to your blog. It may help your blog pagerank.
  6. Submit some articles to social bookmark. If your article get favorite, your blog may increase.
  7. Ask your friend to review your website. Off course, you should review your friend website or blog.

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