Tips for Starting paid to review at your blog

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Some Blogger who want fast money registers their blog at paid to review program. They can get $ 5 to $ 20 every write a review. This is scheme is fast than cost per click such as adsense which pay us few penny every a click. There are various paid to review website like blogvertise, smorty, sponsoredreviews, reviewme, etc.

Unfortunately, paid to review sometimes decrease the page rank blog. Google does not like paid to review. Therefore, you cannot use blogger for paid to review programs. There are some tips for you before starting paid to review program:

  1. You should have a minimum pagerank 3 blog. If you have ten, you can get a lot of money. The better blog is self hosted blog. If you want make a free blog, you can make livejournal,,,, etc.
  2. Go to the paid to review website. Carefully read the term of service and frequently asked Question. Some website does not receive free blog but other website receives it.
  3. Write your blog periodically. Do not post too much article in one day because the website will accused you as spam blogger.
  4. You need to open paypal account. Most website will pay you through paypal and you can withdraw it with credit card.
  5. Try to be honest reviewer.  Do not ever lie to get benefit. Write the instruction from the job order and make link to their website as their requirement.
  6. Do not accept illegal content. Some website offer poker online. Although it is legal but in my country, our government forbid it.

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