Indoor Composting Bins

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What is composting?

Composting is the process of breaking down organic matter, such as food scraps, into a nutrient-rich fertilizer which can then be used for gardening. As composting grows in popularity, a wide variety of composting bins are now available to purchase. Ambitious composters can even opt to build their own compost bins.

Because the process of composting involves decomposition, it is inherently smelly. For this reason, most traditional composting bins are intended for outdoor use. However, for those who wish to compost but lack the appropriate outdoor space, new indoor compost bins are available. Utilizing many different technologies, composting bins designed for indoor use make it possible to recycle food scraps right in your kitchen without the house smelling like a landfill.

Types of Indoor Compost Bins

Many indoor compost bins are completely automated. Users add their organic waste to the composting chamber, and the bin’s automated system heats, stirs, and aerates the mixture, accelerating the decomposition process. These automated machines will even let the user know when the process is complete, signaling that the finished fertilizer should be removed.

Simple, non-electronic compost bins are available for indoor use as well. However in order to work properly, these bins require that the user manually aerate and stir the compost. While automatic indoor composting bins are more expensive, they are a better choice for those who want worry-free composting.

The finished compost can be used for fertilizing the garden, house plants, the front lawn, or any other plant life.


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