The Art of Cosplay

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Cosplay is the art of dressing up as your favorite Japanese animation ( anime ) or video game character.  Cosplay is a popular trend started in Japan that has made its way to the US.  There are many anime conventions currently held in the US. At these conventions anime and gaming fans meet, watch anime, learn interesting facts about Japanese culture, play games, take pictures, and cosplay.

Cosplaying is one of the most important activities at an anime convention.  If you don’t cosplay, don’t expect to get much attention at the convention. Those who cosplay are the primary attention getters. This includes autographs and getting their pictures taken.

Most cosplayers like to make their own costumes. Many feel it’s more rewarding than buying it from a costume shop. Also, most handmade costumes focus more on important details which in turn leads to a higher quality costume.  If you want a very nice costume, but don’t want to go the store bought route, you should know that some cosplayers also make costumes for other people. Some even have their own websites just for that purpose.

The art of cosplay is more than just a great costume. Capturing the true spirit and personality of the character is the ultimate goal. Most characters have a signature move or stance that they are identified by. It is very important to learn that stance and to be able to execute it properly.

Signature weapons are another characteristic of cosplay.  Please note: you are not allowed to use real weapons at any anime convention. Any real sword at the convention must either remain in your room or sheathed at all times. Most cosplay weapons are constructed of cardboard or fiberglass.

Entering the world of cosplay can be very fun and exciting. By constructing a great costume and studying your character, you can become one of many stars at any anime convention.


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