Becoming a Freelancer: The Challenges

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Do you wish to become a freelancer? It is easy to just quit your job, but it is not easy for you to work solo especially when you have to find jobs everywhere with no guarantee that you will be hired.

The challenges you will face in the freelancing world:


One for sure, if you are into freelancing, you must be prepared financially. You can never go into freelancing without having enough money to support your expenses for the duration while you are still applying for jobs and waiting for payments.

One rule is you must have enough funds to cover at least six months of expenses before you quit your job and work freelance.

However, this is difficult to achieve so work out what is best for you.


How can you be a freelancer when you have no skills at all?

You need to find out what skills you have whether it is designing or writing.

If you love art then you should consider designing a website or blog professionally.

If you have passion in writing, you can be a writer.

It is as simple as that.


You get stress easily when you fail to get a job you have been waiting for a long time or when you have been cheated. So think of those before you join the freelancing world because not many people can endure it.

If you think you can handle all these, then you are well on your way to be a freelancer.

If you are not, then I suggest you to stay in your current career.

In the meantime, have a cup of tea.


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