Getting Pregnant – Think Easy? Think Again

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Getting pregnant is not as easy as it seems.

Some people get pregnant easily while others have to work hard (really hard).

Before trying to get pregnant, it is advisable to make sure you avoid anything that can reduce fertility. Smoking is definitely out of the question as it is harmful for the body and reduce fertility.

Keep in mind that not only female should keep away from smoking but men as well. Then, eat a healthy diet, every day to maintain a healthy body. With a healthy body, you have a good start at trying to get pregnant.

For women, the most important about getting pregnant is to know when is the most fertile period.

Ovulation usually takes place 14 days after your period. Although this is not accurate for all women, it is an important guidelines for those who are trying to get pregnant. There are many ways to find out whether you are fertile but you will need some equipments such as thermometer and fertility chart.

The most suitable time to have sex is 14 days after your period. If you have sex once a week, you are likely to miss the fertile period. In this case, try to have sex as frequent as possible to have a higher chances of getting pregnant.

It is said that having sex in missionary position will have a higher chance of getting pregnant although other positions are important as well. Give it a try! Find the positions that you enjoy and change the positions frequently.

Take vitamins every day to ensure the health of sperm for men. Avoid any drugs if possible. Reduce stress and managing an ideal weight are also helpful towards increasing the chances of getting pregnant.

After sometime, if you have done everything the right way and still not pregnant, the most crucial step is to see a doctor and examine whether you have fertility issues. From there you will be able to ‘cure’ by following the doctor’s advice.

Having sex should be fun, therefore don’t put on the pressure to get pregnant fast everytime you have sex, to make sure that the production of sperm is healthy and your mood is healthy too.


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