This Doggie Would Not Die!

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In my lifetime, I have had only one other dog which was a personal gift given to me by my parents, which I cherished until she died. This little guy, however, is the ‘Coupe De Grande!’ I had always wanted a shitzu, but they were too expensive. Then, my sister purchased her male shiztu, and I knew I had to get one!

She told me a place where a woman was breeding shitzu and I went to check it out. I had previously gone to the pet shop, but somehow I could not really get close to any of them. Anyway, the woman said she had one old enough to sell, and I told her I would be by on such and such a date. This little guy just touched my heart. I had a name picked for him. But to my dismay, her husband had promised the shitzua to someone on his job.

I was so disappointed and started crying because I really wanted this dog. She looked at me and said she knew someone who was breeding havanese and shitzu mix. What’s a havanese? Havanese dogs are related to Bichon dogs who are fleecy, curly, lap dogs originating from Cuba. They are very intelligent, clever, and love to do tricks or so I read.

Anyway, I contacted this other lady and she brought this teeny, tiny dog to me which looked like a stuffed animal. Oh, I gushed when I took him home. Hello, Bernard! He was not hard to train, but had this really wierd way of pooping. Everytime he would poop, he would push pieces of his poop into a half moon. I began to think my dog was an alien.

Now that he had become friends with my sister’s dog, I let him spend the night over there. It was funny t to stand in the bushes and watch the shitzu and the havanese/shitzu come out to go to the bathroom. First the small shitzu would lead the way, then my dog Bernard would follow looking like a muscle dog with a lot of hair. Well, the next day when I went to get him, he would not look at me. I asked what was wrong with him but nobody knew. I immediately took him to the vet.

The vet stated that somehow Bernard had a virus contracted through mouse poison and was not going to live through the night! He also stated the virus was highly contagious. The nurse came in and said she would wrap a towel around Bernard so I could hold him one last time. This time, I made him look at me and said, ‘You are not going to die on me. I love you too much to let you go!’ He just turned his head and looked away.

The next morning with a heavy heart, I went to the vet to make arrangements to have Bernard buried. The nurse said just a minute, and next thing I knew, here comes Bernard jumping and licking my face. He was so happy to see me. The vet said my little guy fought very hard to stay alive, and to this day I will always cherish my little havanese/shitzu dog.


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