Oman,an Arabian Travel destination

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Oman, in the Middle East is an excellent choice as a good travel destination to enjoy original Arabian flavor in the atmosphere. As distinct from the profusion of shopping malls, skyscrapers and brilliantly illuminated buildings which characterize other Arabian destinations, Oman can really cater to the interests of a discerning traveler.

Oman and its people have distinguished themselves with their culture and traits in character which puts visitors from overseas at ease. With their charming manners and hospitality, a taste of the original and unpolluted culture of the Arabian heartland can be enjoyed in Oman without restrictions such as those prevailing elsewhere in the Middle East.

To reach Oman

Oman’s main airport at its capital city of Muscat daily receives several international flights arriving from Europe and Asia, the Far East etc.Travelers from USA can plan their trips through London’s Heathrow and/or Gatwick airports.


Several good hotels decorate the Muscat skyline. A little bit of assistance from tour organizers can help travelers to choose a good place to stay. There are excellent restaurants serving cheap and very good quality food catering to the cosmopolitan population of Oman. From Indian, Chinese, Italian, Mexican and American, the quality of food available is really varied, good and at less than half the prices prevailing in London or Newyork.

Visa for entry to Oman can be obtained on arrival at Muscat by paying a small fee of about fifteen dollars.

Oman is one of the bigger countries of the Arabian Gulf with a comparatively small population of about 2.5 million. This country has an one thousand mile long shoreline.

Muscat is the capital city of Oman. It serves almost like a gateway to the Arabian Gulf. Oman is now ruled by Sultan Qaboos and it is an autocracy, but travelers and visitors need not be concerned with this issue as a welcome atmosphere is evident as soon as you land at Muscat.

Muscat is a fairly big and spread out city. Almost all developments here are new constructions. Ranging from modern shopping malls through to traditional souks, you have a wide choice to see and enjoy.

Historically, Oman had trade relations with countries of the East and one can still see the remnants of the past trading culture which existed. There are two old sea ports named Old Muscat and Muttrah, both of which are worth a holiday trip to the travelers who like to see and understand different dimensions of human culture.

Old Muscat was a past trading centre; though currently it is being modernized. Sultan Qaboos, the ruler of Oman has a palace here.

Muttrah is located near Old Muscat. The port at Muttrah has a good waterfront. The second largest private yacht (about 508 feet in length) in the world is anchored here so that visitors can see and enjoy some floating experience on it.

Other than the attractions of Muscat city, Oman’s interior areas and villages are also worth a trip as you can even see the remnants of the centuries old Queen Sheba’s palace(Solomon and Sheba).In total one can summarize that a trip to Oman will give a visitor the original taste and atmosphere of Arabia.


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