American Idol Losing its Charm

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Simon Cowell has admitted that he’s leaving American Idol. Instead of American Idol, he will appear on a new show called the X-Factor. Of course Cowell created the show which is popular in the UK. In the US, he will not only serve as a judge, but he’ll also be exectuive producer. The show will also be hosted by FOX, and it’s very similar to American Idol in the fact that it’s also a singing competition. In this version, though, the contestants will have a celebrity mentor to help them through the process.

Unfortunately, American Idol’s success has been dwindling anyway, as far as the adult audiences go. While the younger audiences that make up kids, tweens, and teens still steem to swoon over American Idol, adult facination has been waning. One of the primarily reasons for this reverse dedication was the removal of Paula Abdul. Though most adults would agree that she was less than productive during the show, many people claim they watched the show just to see what she’d do next. Plus, the paradoxical hate/love banter between Cowell and Abdul gave the show a melo-dramatic appeal.

It seems that many adults tune into the show to watch the turn-downs at the beginning of the show, and many people to whom I’ve talked to admit that may be the best part of the upcoming show. With Paula gone, the show lost some of its pizzaz. But with Simon gone, many people believe that the show is all but over.


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