No More Heroes 2 Preview

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          Two years ago, Travis Touchdown made his debut in the gaming world by tearing up Santa Destroy, CA with his beam katana (which looks just like a lightsaber, hint hint) while becoming a master assassin for the United Assassins Association (UAA). Suffice to say, No More Heroes was a brilliantly simple game; though its graphics were far from “next-gen” (it was a Wii game, after all), the gameplay was so entertaining that I spent a solid three hours hacking and slashing and didn’t feel bored for a second of it. Well, if you didn’t get to satisfy your ceaseless appetite for bloodshed with No More Heroes, then you’re in luck: a sequel is on the way.

           No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle is set to be released in two weeks, on January 26th, 2010 (for U.S gamers, of course). According to the game’s website (, the overall combat style utilized by Travis will be very similar to the first game’s, but new features such as dual-wielding beam katanas, “really cool wrestling moves,” 50 bosses, and mini-games should make this game more than a mere continuation of its predecessor. Of course, advancements in technology have guaranteed that the game’s artifical intelligence will have evolved, thus adding more variety to each enemy’s arsenal of attack.

           The game is set three years after the first, and Travis has fallen from glory. He is now ranked at #51 in the UAA and mourns the loss of his friend Bishop. Seeking revenge, Travis takes an opportunity from his “agent” Sylvia Christel, and gets right back in the fight. Of course, the storyline isn’t much more complex than that; however, the intense action sequences more than make up for the game’s lack of moral, emotional, or intellectual depth. After all, does it matter why you’re chopping up scores of ninjas with a lightsaber? I’d just be happy while chopping up scores of ninjas with a lightsaber!!!

            New characters are always a part of game sequels, and Desperate Struggle is no exception. Travis now has an apprentice (man, I love those Star Wars terms), Shinobu, who has sworn loyalty to him and calls him “Master.” She is nimble, aggressive, and looks like an innocent little girl; did I mention she’s a playable character? Also, Travis’ twin brother, Henry, makes an appearance as yet another playable character, and is said to have “an unfinished score to settle with his brother.” If that’s not a cue for an absolutely blood-drecnhed scourge, then I don’t know what is.

             Remember, kids: the game’s coming out on January 26th, which means you’d better start practicing with that Wiimote. Finally, having a Wii means having something better than someone else (oh, yeah, Super Smash Bros. Brawl made it worth it too).


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