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Underwater ruins in Yonaguni

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Yonaguni is a symbol of Japanese culture and world famous for its underwater ruins. Situated at 110 kilometers across the eastern coast of Taiwan, the island astonished by his ruged and mountainous coastline. This island sizes 4 to 10 kilometers has a refreshing and untouched atmosphere , unaffected by the modern and fast life. Population is small, mostly Japanese, who would welcome you very warmly and joyously. The island is famous for its nature, underwater ruins,which offers tourists numerous opportunities for adventure.

The real attraction is the underwater ruins, which can be found on the south coast. A superb 100×50×25 meters man-made artifact made from solid rock slabs.  It dates from 8000 years ago, which is extremely early for the technology, which made the rocks. There are various theories about the origin of the structure.

Some believe that these ruins are the remains of the lost continent and other archaeologists they have been formed in unexplained geological processes.

This amazing megalith was discovered accidentally by a diver in 1995, who passed the authorized limit for shore diving in Okinawa. The man was shocked when he found the vast structure of seabed covered with corals. The photos caused a huge sensation when they are published in major Japanese newspapers. Then  the discovery teams start a researhing of the underwater ruins of Yonaguni and soon  they discovered traces of other ancient civilizations underground.

The iInteresting and fenomenous fact of the underwater ruins structure is that there are arches made of beautifully shaped stone blocks, an architectural style closely match of that in the Inca civilization.The dispute whether the ruins are man-made or work of nature, ended quickly when geologists confirmed the  underwater ruins are of artificial origin. Some believe that they are the remnants of the lush civilization dates from before 10 000, ie even before the rise of the Egyptian, although historians dispute this.

Besides the underwater ruins, Yonaguni island offers many other interesting places for enthusiasts. You can always see the clusters of fish hammer during winter dives. Great whale shark is also an attraction, as we kmow that there is almost no remaining places in the world where you can see it. Divers interested in archeology love to visit the thousands of caves and rock structures that extend along the southern coastline of the island.

The trip to Yonaguni underwater ruins is one perfect chance to see and feel something different.It is amazing and unique adventure that give us,the tourists a great opportunity to be happy and feel the freedom.


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