Neurosis Symptoms – The Safest and Best Treatment

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A neurosis has different characteristics depending on the psychological type of each one. Here is a list with only the basic general symptoms:

1- The person becomes distrustful and considers everyone a possible enemy.

2- The person becomes too interested in other people’s opinion about them.

3- They accept irrational solutions for problems, they follow through with this secret solution because they know it could be considered crazy and hence, they never reveal it to anyone.

4- They are always dissatisfied and bored-nothing can please them.

5- They are unable to concentrate. Repetitive thoughts constantly mull over the same facts and experiences, without interruption.

6- Doubts that can never be eliminated start constantly torturing the person: they cannot trust their own judgement about anything.

A neurosis starts appearing in human behavior when the person has a trauma that provokes depression and despair.

The human being has a wild primitive conscience and a human conscience. The wild conscience (anti-conscience) is violent and evil and it tries to destroy the conscience that controls one’s behavior, so that it can dominate the person and spread terror everywhere.

The anti-conscience is demoniac because it is the result of the disorganized development of the first conscience that was formed by chance billions of years ago. It is completely insensitive and cruel, deriving pleasure from pain and relishing terror since it only experienced terror in life because it could not find happiness. The conscience needs wisdom to be happy, but the first conscience was totally ignorant and made many mistakes.

This is the scientific explanation for the existence of a monster in the human mind. This monster causes craziness to the conscience and its first manifestation is the form of a neurosis.

Therefore, if something tragic and negative has happened to you, you are the perfect victim of the anti-conscience. You have to fight its domination and tame it with the guidance of the unconscious that you receive in your dreams. The unconscious regulates your body and tries to protect you from your anti-conscience.

I greatly simplified the scientific method of dream interpretation that will give you the key to a superior level of knowledge. You will realize that the unconscious is the best doctor you could ever find.

If you have a trauma and you are too sad and afraid, don’t trust your own ideas when trying to find a solution for your problems because these ideas are suggestions that come from the anti-conscience in a camouflaged form.

Start writing down your dreams and learn how to translate their mysterious messages so that you may overcome your neurosis following the directions you receive, without going anywhere and without paying a doctor for life.

The scientific method of dream interpretation is pure psychotherapy and it saves everyone without exceptions if the person precisely follows the guidance received in the dream messages. This is a treatment that can be so easily available to you only today. This is credited to the discovery of the anti-conscience in 1989; a discovery that completely changed the image we had about the human nature and mind.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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