How to Convince Someone to Forgive You

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We are human beings and we are not perfect. As a matter of fact, recent shocking discoveries have been about human nature through dream interpretation. Thanks to dangerous research that has investigated unknown regions of the human psychic sphere, we know that human beings are very violent animals that cannot control their behavior.

You have to forgive yourself first of all, because you were dominated by the wild part of your conscience, which is very violent and cruel. You could not control your behavior – your thoughts were not really yours. It was not your fault. You are only an animal and you have no idea of how your mind works. You have no idea how much the anti-conscience (your primitive, wild conscience that didn’t pass through the process of consciousness and is totally absurd) influences your behavior and your decisions. You are too ignorant. After forgiving yourself for your very serious mistakes, you will need to think about how you can correct them. Of course, most serious mistakes cannot be corrected. We wish we could go back in time and simply correct what happened, but often there is no possible correction.

However, you have to think that life goes on, that everything continues, and that you have to continue too, which can give miraculous solutions to what seemingly cannot be solved. Think. What could you do for the person or the people that you hurt? How could you compensate them for all the damage you caused?

First of all, if there is money involved in the case, you have to pay for the damages without resistance and without delay.

If the problem is even worse because it cannot be solved with money, give money anyway. Even though it means nothing, it’s a sign that you recognize your fault. Give money, especially if you have a lot. Throw money on the table, saying that you know very well that you cannot pay for all the damages you caused even with all the money in the world, but that you are giving it because you know the people you hurt have many needs. You want to do something to somehow compensate them for what cannot be forgiven.

If money would be considered an insult because your mistake was very serious, give a present to your enemies. Do something practical and give them something substantial, always with the same spirit of regret. Recognize your faults. Admit you were an irrational animal and that you cannot understand how you could be so irresponsible. Blame yourself for everything, without defending yourself at any point.

When you apologize, you are not going to mention that your wild side or other people influenced you. You are not going to blame someone else for what happened. You are going to assume that you are the worse sinner on this planet, without excuses. This way your enemies will abandon their weapons, because they won’t have to attack you and tell you how wrong you were-you are telling them that, before they can start complaining.

You must exaggerate. If you did only one thing wrong, start blaming yourself for other problems that happened because of your actions. Look for ways to blame yourself for all the horrors of this world, showing to your enemies that you are really devastated because you made this terrible mistake-so devastated that you feel like the worse murderer in human history.

You must be sincere. If you simply pretend you’re sorry, your enemies will notice it. There is a special facial expression a human being takes when he or she is really sorry. You cannot be an actor. So, when you talk about how horrible you feel, even if you cannot feel bad at that moment, think about how horrible the situation is and how bad it will be if you fail again and ask for forgiveness. Think about sad things that will make you feel very sad when you show your regret.

If your enemies won’t forgive you, they will be the monsters. You will become a big hero who had the courage to recognize your mistakes and assume responsibility for them. And your enemies will forgive you, even if they don’t do so immediately.


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