Aluminum Can Recycling-Nashville, TN

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For some people can recycling is a thing of the past, they have memories of going to the local recycling center with their parents and getting some pocket change for their old soda cans. Now many people don’t bother with recycling on their own because they don’t really know where to take their cans. Whether you have a tight budget where every little bit counts or you are conscientious of all the good that can recycling causes, it is very wise for most everyone to find a good place to recycle their aluminum cans.

Around Nashville, Tennessee there are a few things called “goats”. These are small can counters that you might find in the parking lot of gas stations or grocery stores. These machines crush and count your cans and give you a small amount of change in return. These can be convenient since they may be near your normal shopping locations and can be used any time night or day. On the other side they may be full when you come to use them and they usually pay you less then a recycling center.

Pocket Money Recycling:
Pocket Money Recycling is a recycling center in Nashville, Tn. Located at 2611 Gallatin Rd they are right across from Fat Mo’s. They are open most days 9am to 4pm, closed on Sundays. When you get there simply pull up to the garage type door and you will be greeted by friendly and helpful workers. Unload your cans to their tray where the workers will empty your bags and sort out anything that shouldn’t be there and send all your soda cans up to be weighed. Once all is counted they will tell you how much you had, write a few things in their book which they will ask you to sign then will pay you in cash. When I was most recently there, January 7, 2010, they were paying $0.46 for each pound of aluminum soda cans. However if you bring more then 100 pounds of cans they will pay $0.51 per pound.
The person we have dealt with when going to Pocket Money Recycling is very kind and helpful. The cans we bring in are mostly from my husband and I regularly drinking sodas and our saved up collection was perfectly welcomed. Of course if you bring in your cans without any extra trash or recyclable items you will make the workers happy because that is less things they have to sort out.

So if you are looking to get back a little bit of money by recycling your cans, you can go to a machine in a parking lot that is convenient or you can get more money by visiting Pocket Money Recycling. If you have any questions you can contact the company at (615) 226-1464


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