Dancer: The Wizard Dragon Siridias

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The Wizard Dragon Siridias

by Milton H. Peebles, III

Born beautiful white with Silver claws, horns and wings

And most unusual were his bright sky blue eyes

Eyes seen most easily in the deepest dark night

And with those bright blue eyes was a mind quick and wise

The Women of the Wylde came and offered their ways

For they knew he would one day be a great legend

Teaching this young small dragon with bright sky blue eyes

Giving him the unknown for his wise mind to tend

The young small dragon learned well the wizarding ways

But yet so playful he was in his youngling years

And so he flew and chased a butterfly one day

Crossing miles and mountains away without his fears

Till he found himself in a place far from his home

Strange it was that the people did not notice him

They walked in many straight lines carrying large stones

Children and all with faces desolate and grim

Puzzled and perplexed he tried to awaken them

But only a moment of surprise did they show

Enslaved to an unknown power they just walked on

Saddened he cried and gave out such a great loud woe

His cry soon answered by a blackness oozing up

From the cracks in the ground it gathered on a stone

Attacking and wounding the young silver dragon

And in that first strike his left sky blue eye was gone

Never knowing or facing such evil before

Siridias tried spells and attacks of great force

A battle back and forth destroying all around

Yet the dragon did not harm this dark shapeless force

Wings in tatters and body very deeply scarred

The bleeding white wizard dragon took one last stand

In his right claw a small smooth dark stone was then thrown

In left claw a crystal through which a spell did band

Siridias did spin these together with fire

Stone, spell and dragon fire did blend and strike the foe

An explosion of eerie sounds and blind darkness

Leaving a tattered bleeding dragon in moons glow

Siridias was found and brought home days later

Months healing he laid under the lair of Stohyer

Once he rose and stood again before his people

Even though he was completely healed all over

The other dragons and people gasped in horror

All his wounds had healed back a dark sickening black

Siridias weeped as he saw how they acted

Closing eyes he was like a silent maniac

Then standing and spreading his wings for all to see

Siridias the wise spoke with such great fervor

“Look not my body, for one day shall fall as dust.

But look to my heart, for it can shine forever.”


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