Proper Skin Care

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Probably many times happened to you to exit from the cosmetic salon more confused than when you entered. How many times have you went home wondering  what to do with the skin, or you were in doubt whether to cast all of your bathroom and ran to first perfumery to find a new “miracle” product? Do not panic! Easily learn how to nurture your skin, it is enough just to follow some rules.

As each of us has his dentist, so you should find experts who will entrust the care of the person. If you had a bad experience, talk with friends and get to where they go for treatment.

You will trust from the first moment the beautician who knows his job. After a detailed examination of the skin, you will get a recommendation treatment that will make your skin better and make small problems disappear. The more open you are talking about what is happening with your skin, it will be easier for beautician to get to the core of the problem and help you to solve it.

Treatment – a unique entity

Most cosmetic houses have their concept and the order of treatment, which is used to extract the maximum from the preparation results. Pay attention to the preparations that your beautician applied to the face, because for your money you deserve the best. Do not pay for treatment in large professional houses, where you put milk and tonic from “home-grown”. You do not need to believe that the beautician can make the cream better than those produced in factories in Germany, France, Italy… Inquire at your mate, look on the internet and be sure to find a salon and a beauty brand that best match your understanding of the ideal of care, regardless of the type of cosmetics.

Medical care – important for good looking

If you have a problem with the skin, we will hurry to solve it. None of us likes to walk with a huge pimple, blackhead black or crinkle. Therefore, not be afraid to ask a beautician for an advice. Most salons now work with professional cosmetic houses. Make sure about the sale of products for home care and feel free to ask for a recommendation, especially if you are already satisfied with the treatment. Everyday use carefully and individually selected products for care and you will achieve visible results in a very short period of time. Try to develop care that meets and your lifestyle – it is completely pointless to have all the preparations for the complex care (day cream, night cream, mask, eye cream) if you have never at home and do not have time to use them. Feel free to mention that next time when you visit your beautician.

Ingredients to avoid

To safely achieve the brilliance and beautiful appearance of the skin, avoid ingredients that could harm her. Here’s some of the “enemy” of the skin, which are often part of cosmetics.

Mineral oil (mineral oil, parafinum liquidium, petrolatum) are synthetic products obtained by chemical treatment of petroleum. Known as the fact that, as consisting of large molecules, binding the pores and weak, “transfer” of active ingredients to where they skin necessary. The best substitutes for them are vegetable oils, which contain smaller molecules and are much better for your skin. Constant use of mineral oil or petroleum can cause the creation of various forms of acne and dermatitis.

Silicone (Silicon) representing a wide range of synthetic ingredients that can easily replace, also vegetable oils. They are used to provide products silky texture. However, this component closes the pores and prevents the skin to remove a secretion of sebum and sweat.

Synthetic colors (blue, red, green, etc.). Maybe your favorite cream has irresistible blue or pink color, but contains a bunch of unnamed and hazardous ingredients. Artificial colors can easily cause allergies or skin rash.

Preservative used in cosmetic industry, are often cause allergies and rashes. Most cosmetic houses, especially professional are trying to replace them with food preservatives, which are much weaker and considerably gentler to the skin.


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