Skin Care Alphabet

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During sharp, dry winter time, many women begin to worry about skin protection from weather conditions. Perhaps only for the first time, many of you go to search for real moisturizing cream, thinking to find ‘the right solution’ for the correct skin care.

Skin care alphabet by Bob Sidell, Hollywood make-up artist, explains 4 stages daily, essential care of the skin: “Based on my own experience, as one of the top masters of Hollywood  make-up, with experience of more than 30 years, and as the founder of California Cosmetics, where I am in the last 15 years has created many original formulas for skin care, I can say without any delay to the proper care skin, regardless of the season, requires more than simply applying moisturizing cream, to be successful.”
Caring for your skin requires a daily schedule, a process that is repeated day after day, no matter what. The good news is that this process takes only five minutes and includes four simple steps and. And if you choose quality skin care products according to their type of skin, performing this simple layout can create almost immediate and visible results.

Step one: vapor
Just before bedtime the best time to nurture the skin, because it gives you a chance to clean the skin quality of the make-up and weather the impact remains that were collected during the day. At the end of the day, use the device for mating face, or just soak a soft patch hot water, drain and gently place on the face. Vapor the skin about 1.5 minutes. Some vapor went into the skin to completely open the pores.

Step two: Cleaning
When the pores open, spray warm water on the face and neck. Pour in the hands sufficient cleaning face product and mix it with a little water, so that made creamy lather.

Massage to the wet face. Using fingertips with the circular motion gently massage the face about 30 seconds and certainly at the turn and neck. Then rinse the product from the face with a little warm water and gently dry the skin. Tip: Always use cleaning products specifically formulated for your skin better than ordinary soap for all purposes. And be careful; avoid the gentle skin around the eyes.

Step three: Tonic
Soak a piece of cotton tonic that does not contain alcohol and gently wipe the whole time face and neck area. (Tonic, which in the database have alcohol on the skin are dryness and damaging effect).

This step raises any remains that you may work around and also closes the pores, preparing the skin for treatment of hydration. Tonic without alcohol are much gentler to the skin, which is especially important during the winter months. Your face should now be perfectly clean.

Step four: hydration
Light, circular motion up, apply a small amount of moisturizing cream of your choice, on the face and neck area. Do not overdo with the quantity, because too much can be harmful, but insufficient.
Remember, no matter how great the product, it will not operate if left in their containers. To skin care system was effective, it must be conducted regularly. And if you care for your skin, you’re sure the entire life of beauty – all through the winter, summer, autumn and spring.


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