Take Care of Your Skin

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A large number of people are born with healthy skin and they do not need to preserve special nude to have a nice appearance of the skin. Others, before taking any care of their skin, should first determine what type of skin they have. It is important to determine whether the skin is dry, oily, normal, mixed or sensitive.

Dry skin is thin, low fat and water, it creates dandruff, it is easy to became red, is aptness to have wrinkles, especially around the eyes, shooting and capillaries, with small pores. It occurs when sebaceous gland does not produce enough sebum for skin. Frequently meets with bright people.

Oily skin is produced by large secretion of sebaceous glands. They are located in deep layers of skin. Oily skin has less pronounced wrinkles or other signs of excessive aging. Abnormal secretion causes closing the pores of the skin, the appearance of blackheads, and the emergence and creation of thickened surface skin layers. For oily skin are clearly present enlarged pores everywhere except the area of the eyes and neck. It is usually occurred in people who have darker skin.

Normal skin is balanced and all the physiological processes of oil secretion, circulation, removing parts of skin and keep the perfect balance. Normal skin has a glow, without blackheads, the pores are barely visible and uniform size. This is the rarest and desirable of all skin types.

Often it happens that people have a mixed skin type on the face of dry hand skin and oily T zone, oily skin on the body back, and maybe dry skin of legs, stomach and arm.

No matter what type of skin you have, the important thing is to keep the skin clean. Regularly remove any external contamination. Otherwise the pores will remain congested and become suitable for the development of pimples.
And do not forget, for a beautiful and healthy look of your skin is very important the food. Our skin is the mirror of our body.

Tips for dry skin care

The best to this type of skin is cleaning with some mild funds intended for dry skin in the evening, and if necessary during the day. It is very important to avoid all the means that constrict the pores. For cleaning the sensitive parts of the eye use special preparations. Dry skin needs constant moistening of the day, because during the day should be used hydrant cream with a higher percentage of fat. At night, use nourishing cream around the eyes and neck.
If you use cosmetic products read the instructions carefully. If you want you can make your own natural resources for skin care.

If you want to make yourself a cream cleaner: mix well 1 egg yolk with 1 tablespoon apple vinegar and 1-2 teaspoons of sugar. Add 8 tablespoons of olive oil, constantly stirring mass. The obtained creams pour into the jar, close and keep in the fridge. For additional cleaning, use skin lotion to remove impurity. Now, you make a lotion. Cook mild chamomile, procedures, and allow cooling and then pouring in a glass bottle in which you store the lotion. Use this lotion in the next two weeks. It will remove the remains of cleaning, grease and dust…


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