Easy Steps to Slim Body

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Walking is one of the easiest ways to lose excess weight.
Walking briskly for a period of 45 minutes, four times a week, will help you to lose a pound a week. Besides weight loss, walking strengthens the heart and lungs, improves bone density as well as prevention of osteoporosis and improves mood by increasing the production of endorphins. And what is the best helps reduce appetite so you lose extra weight.

According to experts 10,000 steps is sufficient for weight loss, and for this you need some hour (about 7.5 kilometers). If you are afraid of this figure of 10,000, the number and all the steps throughout the day, the house, to shop, play with children in the park … all counts.

With a simple plan of eight steps, walking you are guaranteed to lose weight and is noticeably tightened, but for four weeks.

1. Fast, short steps will help you quickly achieve a quota of 10,000 steps, and try to change the way of walking.

2. Walk with your head and shoulders relaxed, hands as they try to displace more employed the whole body.

3. Walk fast enough to get sweat, but not so much that loose your breath and can not talk during the walk.

4. Walk on different surfaces. Uneven surfaces, such as walking through the forest, use the various muscles for walking, and you will quickly solidify and tighten. Also walk uphill / downhill faster will help burn calories and fat.

5. When you start to feel that you have strengthened a little, start to use weights while walking. It may be two small bottles of water, which will help you to burn an additional 200 calories in 30 minutes walking.

6. Change your habits, so far as to make sure that you will keep the new regime of walking. Park a few streets away from work (from school if you go by the children …) or go to work on foot. Always take the stairs instead of walking by the elevator. If you already can not walk to it, park away from the shop where you are headed.

7. Get a pedometer that counts steps. So the easiest way you know how many steps throughout the day made.

8. Walking is just as aerobic as running, aerobics or Tae Bo, and warm up before and after the “chill” stretching the muscles of the legs and hands. Heat the muscle circulation of the head. Do not forget the wrists and knees.

Walking is a physical activity of moderate intensity, and if practiced on a daily basis the effects are multiplied.

Stronger heart
Walking is a moderate demand on the heart, which accelerates blood circulation and organs receive more oxygen and the heart work more efficiently and perform the same work with fewer beats.

Normal blood pressure

High blood pressure often follows people with over weight and represents a serious risk. When you walk the arteries (blood vessels that transports blood from the heart to the authorities) are broader and at the same time the heart ejects less effort, while the blood which leads to reduction of blood pressure. It is therefore important to walk to preventive seemed not to increase blood pressure and if he has already increased with the treatment prescribed by a doctor and be sure to walk because it will soon lead to its normalization.


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