Adsense Isn’t a Game

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I for one am sick and tired of people saying they have an “ad-sense killer” or they have “beaten adsense”. To me this is the biggest sham on the Internet. Ad-sense is run by the biggest Internet search engine in the world, Google. There is NO way to play it. There are however a few simple steps to building a steady reliable income with Ad-sense. I will outline them for you.

Don’t Try to Play the System!

Google Adsense is a legitimate business venture. The people who are paying you through that business are real people paying real money to have their products and services exposed to the world. It is for this purpose that Google Adsense is the best as it stops 99.9% of fraud and delivers REAL advertising to people searching for it as well as real income to those who work for it. There is no way now to earn from Google Adsense other then to work hard. You can earn high and residual incomes from Google Adsense but not by some scheme or some super formula. You need to create something worthy of the attention of the people who would be interested in products people advertising on Adsense are selling. This includes, games, articles, blogs, journals, news, music and any other form of online media that Google will allow you to advertise on. The biggest Adsense secret is to be REAL. Don’t try to beat the system. There isn’t one. Earn the money and it will come. Produce quality content and you will have success.

Dedicate Time.

To properly use Adsense to it’s fullest potential you need to have the time to run whatever website you are choosing to run it on. If not you will not get the full profit you could if you are simply parking a domain. You need to submit your website to search engines and have content or services offered on a regular basis to keep people coming back. A steady flow of solid visitors will be what raises your Adsense earnings the most. Be sure if you decide to use Adsense on a website that you are willing to invest the time required to make it worth your while. As your website gets new content daily and it grows it’s store of old content you will be amazed at the income Adsense can really provide. It is ESSENTIAL to continue to have new content on a regular basis! It will keep people coming back and get you higher search engine rankings!

Proper Tags and Headings!

I hate seeing posts with poor or no tags let alone poorly done headings on any website (Especially Triond). If you want to be an Adsense wonder (for real not by using some system) you need to have your website planned out in a way search engines will find you easily (tags) and people who do find you through search or advertising will stay (headings and format) these things will lead to more natural and/or return traffic depending on what your website or article is about. Try not to write in big blocks of over 200 words, write smaller blocks and people are much more likely to read them. You should also avoid spam and keep things neat and clean by using Bold headings and don’t overly use capitalization or italics. Use them mildly to increase the quality of your website. It doesn’t matter how much good information or how good a writer you are unless your content is well placed.

Write on Lasting Topics.

You should focus your efforts on services or topics that will last more then a few weeks. Writing a news article will earn you a $1 or so in a couple weeks which is nice then it is over. The same thing with having a website about a specific game. Eventually the interest in the topic wanes and you need to write a ton to earn any money at all. Write about things that will have recurring visits for years to come. Timeless things like animals or How-To. Don’t waste your time for instant rewards that are small compared to the possibility of income for years to come equaling much more!


Now, read back over the bold topics and remember them. Don’t bother even trying to play the system or get rich quick! Take your time and do things well and it will pay off. Best of luck using Adsense!

A note to Trionders,

It is harder to control the important things on your articles on Triond, however Triond does a good job. You should focus on writing strong lasting content with good tags and keywords. We all know how to do it. If you haven’t already hook your Adsense account up to your Triond account! It will increase your earnings a lot!

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