Stargate SG-1: Inauguration

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Stargate SG-1: Inauguration

Stargate SG-1: Inauguration is one of the episodes of this science fiction series that I’m not very fond of.  It’s from the end of the seventh season and doesn’t have much to say for itself in my opinion.

The entertainment business would call this the ‘clip’ show.  That’s the one that helps them get through the year on budget by doing low cost scenes and using lots of flashbacks.  What makes this one a bit different, though, is that it doesn’t even take place at Stargate Command.  It’s completely done at the White House on the first day of the new President’s term.

On the negative side, there isn’t one member of SG-1 in this show, not a one.except for clips.  These clips are used to brief the President about the Stargate.

The worst aspect is simply that this whole show is a setup for a nasty path that the show itself starts to go down.  It’s a trigger for what is to come in the next episode with a change in command, and I just don’t like it, so the whole thing turns me off.

If there is a plus to this episode, it’s William Devane playing the new President, Henry Hayes.  He is an expert on playing Presidents.  The opening scene, which is usually all I watch of this show if I happen to come across it on TV, is the best of the entire episode.  It has Hayes walking the hallway and pausing to look at a bust of John F. Kennedy. It was a neat moment because Devane played Kennedy in The Missiles of October.  Since that’s a favorite role of mine, it really made me chuckle.

Other than that, there are no plusses for this show.  Well, maybe seeing the way Hayes faces off with Anubis, but that’s about it.  I’ll pass.


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