Latest in Reality TV: Flight Of the Hawkz

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National Geographic has clubbed with Apollo tires to bring out the latest reality show on television, ‘Fight of the Hawkz’. The show promises big time excitement, with rally-like off-road SUV competitions blended with mind games, stunts and much more.

The reality game show will feature a tough competition between 6 teams of two members each. One member of each team will be the person owning the car and the other will be the navigator. The auditions for the selection of the teams have already begun, receiving a huge response from driving enthusiasts. The auditions have been designed to be more like tests, which test an individual’s intelligence, aggression and focus. Looking the extensive testing that the participants have to go through to be on the show, surely proves that only the good ‘entertainers’ will be going through to being on the show.

Flight of the Hawkz will feature the 6 teams making the way through the toughest of roads of the Western Ghats. The daily trips will be really tough, as the competitors will have to cross the worst of terrains and make through 120km every single day. To make the whole thing tougher of the teams and more entertaining for the viewers, a mix of mind games, puzzles, stunts and much more undisclosed drama has been added to the whole mind-boggling ordeal.

So, will all the ingredients make up for an entertaining show? Well, we don’t know yet, but can surely hope so, with the name of National Geographic attached to the whole affair. Here are a few pics from the auditions at Delhi which were held recently, to give you a sneak peak of what’s in store.


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