Improving Appearance for 2010

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Appearance can be defined in many different areas and each area should be particularly paid attention to in order to be thorough.  In this article, we will discuss a few ways that we can improve appearance.  Improving appearance should be something everybody wants to constantly strive to achieve.  There are many ways that this can be done and not necessarily spend a ton of money in the process.  Here are a few ideas to improve appearance in 2010:

1)  Lose weight!  This may be the most obvious improving appearance technique and the least heeded.  Usually, this motivating way to improve appearance lasts for a few weeks and dies off.  Losing weight improves appearance and health.  There are some overweight people that are very sharp, but for the most part, overweight people come across sloppy in appearance.  Some people have an obesity problem, but others indulge a little too much and it shows in their appearance.  Improving appearance can be accomplished through losing weight.

2)  Make sure everything matches!  When shopping, buy sets of clothes that match that can be worn on any given day.  Matching in all areas makes for a good appearance improvement.  Guys matching their belts with their shoes and their ties with their shirts and even their pens with their pants makes for a sharp appearance.  Ladies matching earrings with their outfit and even their watch to the style their wearing will improve appearance.

3)  Make sure certain areas are paid special attention to.  Inside the ears, under the fingernails, and keeping the face clean and bright are all areas that contribute to improving appearance.  These are areas often overlooked and shouldn’t be if one desires a good appearance.  Hygiene is common sense, but small, tedious areas are often missed due to time or laziness and improving appearance requires these areas to be paid attention to.

4)  Shine your shoes!  Shoe polish is a wonderful thing and the shoes draw attention when walking in the room, especially if their shined.  Shoes improve appearance in a first class way if they are shined.

Improving appearance is motivating for many reasons, one of which is to keep up a first class person and at the same time not spending a ton of money doing it.


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