The Awesome Vacation Spot: Riviera Maya, Mexico

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Vacationing on the Mayan Riviera or Riviera Maya, is one of the best vacation spots in the country and may rank in the top for the world.  There are a wide range of options on places to stay, dining venues, tours, and beautiful beaches.  Those are the four things that will be looked at in this article to give an idea about Riviera Maya, Mexico.

1)  Places to Stay!  There are hotels that range from low to super high class.  Riviera Maya and its vicinity are home to several palace resorts and many of the resorts in this city are all-inclusive (food included and possibly other extras) and some are even adult-only resorts.  The all-inclusive resort is a better option than paying as you stay because of the daily room prices.  Many of these hotels are right on the beach or not far from it and offer a wonderful environment that would almost create an environment that would not want to be left during the day.

2)  Dining venues!  Many of the dining venues are included in an all-inclusive package and provide a feast every time you sit down.  Tipping is encouraged in almost a pressured type of way, with some workers holding out their sombreros for tips.  However, it is optional depending on the service.  Riviera Maya has every type of food imaginable, especially at the resorts and of course the specialty is authentic Mexican food.  This is one of the best parts of the vacation to the Riviera Maya.

3)  Tours!  There are many tours and some even included with the all-inclusive package.  Riviera Maya tours include tours of the ancient ruins, dolphin swim tours, scuba diving tours, steak and lobster dinner tours, and shopping tours to name a few.  These tours are a little pricey if not included in the package but they are a must see while vacationing at the Riviera Maya.

4)  Beautiful beaches!  Riviera Maya is not far from Cancun.  The water is blue and very transparent and is very enjoyable to be around.  The beaches are best in the morning and late at night because of the decrease in people, but any time of day is fine.  The beaches are gorgeous and well worth the visit.

Riviera Maya vacations are absolutely breathtaking and worth every dollar spent.  This vacation will leave you wanting to come back many times again.


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