The Best Phones for 2010

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With the advent of spate of technologies in mobile phones that came in year 2009, this year will be the year full of offerings, expectations and demands. There are still many great choices for smartphones offered by the carriers.  We hope that this article helps you navigate the sea of exciting new choices. For each device we give you an overview of the device’s good and bad features.

  • The Samsung Omnia II, because of its upgraded hardware and software would become extremely popular than original Omnia. Its features include large touchscreen, WiFi/GPS/FM Radio, 5MP Camera w/ Flash, 8GB storage, TouchWiz interface, Accelerometer, 3.5mm headset jack, Windows Mobile 6.5.
  • Because of company’s great reputation in smartphone market, HTC Touch Pro 2 seems to sell out with good reason. It is certainly going to make and win big fans especially business users. Its features include hardware keyboard ever (slide out), tilting screen, conference calling software, speakers with noise reduction, large touchscreen, WiFi/GPS/FM Radio, proximity and stylus sensor, accelerometer, TV-out, 3.5mm headset jack.
  • The Samsung’s Saga on Verizon is the CDMA device which will prove to be a good choice for those that prefer QWERTY keyboard that provides excellent one-handed usability. Is features include sleek design, optical mouse, touchscreen, world-phone capable, WiFi/GPS, and a great browser. It will be available with only 2.0MP camera and doesn’t have flash.
  • Because of its messaging capabilities, hardware keyboard, and slick form factor The T-Mobile Dash continues to be in demand. This device will stud with features like one-handed usability, Wifi, 3G, GPS, trackball navigation, and an offset-grid keyboard layout. But, its screen resolution is low, and no touchscreen.
  • HP is finally backed with Glisten to offer Windows Phones. Touch screen, QWERTY thumboard, AMOLED screen, WiFi, Windows Mobile 6.5 supports are some of its outstanding and powerful features that will give hype to that device. It lacks softkeys hardware buttons, and QVGA resolution small screen.
  • The Sprint Treo Pro is a Windows Mobile device that Palm will produce. It’s really a must use and feel device. It gives a perfect feel in-hand, solid performance, one-handed usability, WiFi, GPS, and first smartphone with built-in Flash support. Some downsides are no hardware buttons for soft keys, small rubbery keyboard, and support Windows Mobile 6.1 not 6.5.
  • The QWERTY-equipped E72 includes built-in corporate e-mail support for Exchange and IBM Lotus Notes Traveler, plus 10 personal e-mail accounts. It also features a 5-megapixel camera with flash and auto-focus, several media players, Ovi Maps with GPS, 10 Mbps HSDPA.
  • Navigon Mobile Navigator is some amazing technology packed into the product, including lane assist, enhanced pedestrian mode where the iPhone compass is used, audio book mode, and more. The Windows Phone and Android clients will support features like Reality View Pro, day & night Mode for map display, automatic switch between portrait and landscape format, intelligent address entry, real signpost display.

So, out of these smart and intelligent devices you select your phone of choice. Hopefully this guide has made choosing a new phone among the sea of mobile phones.


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