Best Crops to Plant to Level Up in Farmville: Levels 6-10

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In a previous guide, we took a look at which crops gave the most potential for earning XP and coins during the first five levels of Farmville. You can find that guide at the following link:

Farmville Best Crops for XP and Coins in Early Levels 1-5

Now, we’ll continue by looking at the best options for the next five levels, 6-10. For the most part, there’s really not any major strategy change except for one notable new crop that you’ll gain access to when you hit level 8.

Levels 6-7

During levels 6 and 7, you want to carry on with the same strategy laid out for level 5 if you want to maximize the potential for earning coins and XP. Even though the artichokes that become available look like a good crop at first, they take four days to grow – this means that they’re really only earning you 0.5 XP per day and 33.5 coins per day. This is much less than what’ll you get for either strawberries or pumpkins. The only reason that you might want to choose artichokes instead is if you’re not going to be able to check on your farm for a few days.

Levels 8-10

As soon as you reach level 8, you’ll be able to plant raspberries – one of the most lucrative crops to plant in Farmville if you want to earn a lot of coins. Raspberries only take two hours to grow, and you earn a profit of 51 coins for each one you harvest. This works out to a 312 coins per day ratio, more than twice that of strawberries.

The problem with raspberries is that they don’t give you any XP for harvesting. This isn’t a total loss though, because you’ll still get XP when you plow the field to prepare for harvesting them.

However, if you’re not too worried about earning coins and you really want to earn as much XP as quickly as possible, stick with the strawberries. You’ll still get a pretty nice profit from strawberries, even if it’s not quite as much as that offered by raspberries.


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