The Dead Sea

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Man in his endevour had started to explore nature and found ways and means to use nature for his existance. slowly he started extracting and overpowering nature with his little mind power. Now he is capable and has destroyed nature to his maximum ability.
Now man even attemptes to expreiment  on the dead, decay , blood and bones for every specie for his experiments and his living. This is the development Man has made.

“THE DEAD SEA” is a classic example of how human society in keen on explointing nature and thus benefit form the nature by destroing it. Its a man made tradgery.

The Dead Sea is one of the lowest lying sea’s of the world located between Israel and Jordan.It is called a dead sea because of its high salinity of 33% and uninhability for any specie. So it was written written off and was regarded as a doorway for hell by the astheitcs.

But in the very past we have found that the Dead Sea is not really a waste barren water body, but a gold mine  for the Chemical industry and a wondreful blast of archiechture  nature for the ecologits and naturalist.

The seas also froms a tourist destination people come here to see the beauty and marvelous wonders of nature’s art.
People wish to swim  and experiencethe novelty of the water as people literally have to flot on the water, because of its high salanity .
it is bathing in these warers cures chronic pains and enhances sense of well being and also good for skin. But the asthetic’s there believe it causes more harm then anything lese in the world and it is door way for hell.

The mineral rich mud which isexported and sold at exhorbitant prices is scoopred freely and used by the people as a mud pack all over the body.
The Sea bead seems like white rough cement which are layers of hard salt, the surrounding looks like white sun bleached grave yard as no life can exist.
The boundary between Israel and Jordan runs right through the middle of the Ded sea. At its southen end, both countries have built potash plants to harvest its prescious slats. To the northwest the shores of the sea fall within the automous area of West Bank and Palestinian control. The water of Jordan river that forms the border between Isreal, West Bank , and Jordan is so coverd by all three countries that the erstwhile mighty river is now mearly a riveulet at the mouth fo “Dead Sea”.

The Chemical industries on both its shores harvest Potash, Magnesium and Bromide from the water by constantly pumping in huge amounts of water from north of the sea into the massive salt evaporation pans. If not for them the sea would have dried up long ago.
a 10% of Potash fertilizer consumed world wide originates from evaporation pans of the Dead Sea.
These pans cover quater of its surface. Thanks to the unending demand for food the price of Potash can reach to astromical price. Thses plants earn billiions by harvesting such minerals.

Due to constant exploration of  ground water in both countires has decreased the water table on land and in the sea. With lowering of ground water table of the sea the flanks have begun to flow at lower levels . Thus leaving deposits of layered salt below the shore surface and creating hollow cavaties which eventually collapase. These cavaties are called sinkholes. The shores near both thes sides are pockmarked with sinkholes full of brackish water of differnt colours. These craters develop when ground water dissolves  substances of layers fo slat to such an extent that the soil collapses. It forms traps made by man to kill himself as very few are saved from such holes which are literally death traps.

Water table of the Dead Sea has dropped by 21 mm in the last century surfaces shrunk by almost 30%  in 1900n – 2000 water table measured as
Water Table  – 392m – 413m
Surface area – 950km2 – 650skm2
Volume  – 155 km3 – 135km3

The countries responsible for the exploitation of the sea should find resonable rescue measures to sensably solve the upcoming crises and save the land from becoming barren and at the same time save the world which is facing the higher risks of Global warming. Hope every hand in this world join in to save our planet.


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