Work With Your AdSense ( How to Make it Above The Title Post)

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This is another way to work with your ads, for this reason you can play with the place on your page, just manage your ads and make it as interesting as possible mixed with your template. For now I would share how to put your AdSense above the title on your post, it is an easy way even though you are not an expert on HTML code or anything related. You can put your AdSense ads above the title so your visitors can easily open or click the ads if they are interesting on the ads which is related on your post.

Beside that the reason for putting the AdSense ads above the title of post is to improving the functioning target page then it would increase the benefits for your visitors and your ads page views. For your blog it will take the impact, just like your page seem like the professional page have.

Now I will try to explain to you how to make it….:

The first thing that you should do is login to your blog, then select layout tab. After that click edit Html tab, give a check on “expand widget templates”.

Don’t forget to save your template first before you add all these codes, it most important thing just because if you want to get your previous template.

The second is about find this code on your template

<includable id=”post” var=”post”

You can find it by click “shift + f” as short cuts, then paste that code on search tab. After you find that code, enter your AdSense script after the code <includable id=”post” var=”post”

This is for example only, you have to change this AdSense script:

<includable id=”post” var=”post”><script language=”JavaScript1.1″ src=”” type=”text/javascript” <div class=”post hentry uncustomized-post-template”>

<includable id=”post” var=”post”>
<script language=”JavaScript1.1″ src=”” type=”text/javascript”  
<div class=”post hentry uncustomized-post-template”>


Now save your template…..then you will find something different with your AdSense preview. Keep work……



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