How to get free marketing on youtube for your website

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You can get some marketing done on youtube too. It’s a great place to market your product or website since there are so many people on there. There are more people on there than some social networks like Digg or SU. Millions of people are on there daily and you can really get your message across without being flag too. You just need a youtube account if you don’t have one already.

You would go to youtube and sign up for an account. You can then start to submit videos about your products and websites. You can submit as much videos as you want as long as you own the copyright to them. You can also comment about your website on related videos or just about anywhere without being deleted or flag. This is the great thing about youtube. You can make comment and then leave your website name but without the http portion or else it won’t go through. You can leave something like but not They don’t allow this format there. You can also invite them to visit you.

You can comment as much as you can but each time that you comment there will be at least a million people who would see your post which is a great way to get people to hear about your name. you can comment as much as you want and people won’t delete it. You can also add friends by subscribing to their videos. This is like adding friends on twitter. When you add them, they will know about your channel or about you. This serves as a great marketing medium and it’s free.

Youtube allow you to market your website there so you should go there to market yourself. There are so many people on there so you shouldn’t miss your chance to market your website. You can also pick the most popular videos of the day and comment on it. When you sign up for your account name, you should use your website name so each time that you comment, people get to see the name of your website and they will get to know you better.


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