Need a Short Getaway???

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I feel that I need to mention that there are a lot of good travel deals out right now. One of the best values that you can get for your money is in the Cruise Industry right now. I have highlighted below one of the great deals that are out right now and would like to let people know about it so they can take advantage this opportunity. Even though I know we just got through an expensive holiday season, I hope that deals like this one might present the opportunity for some to assist in relieving some of that post-holiday stress. Happy trails…and don’t forget to check back at for more updates on dining and travel deals as they arise.

Royal Caribbean is offering a special 2 Night Short Bahamas Cruise on the Navigator of the Seas right now and departs on January 22nd from Fort Lauderdale, FL. It sails from Fort Lauderdale to Cococay, Bahamas (a Royal Caribbean private island), and then on back to Fort Lauderdale, FL. State room pricing includes prices starting at the following:

Interior $119.00
Outside $129.00
Balcony $149.00
Deluxe/Suites $279.00

As you can see this is a great deal for a short get away. In addition it is the opportunity to sail on one of Royal Caribbean’s bigger ships, The Navigator of the Seas! This ship usually was utilized for the longer, 5, 6, and 7 night cruises. It is now in Fort Lauderdale and will be having several shorter sailings at extremely competitive prices. I hope that many people take this opportunity to enjoy a short trip on a great ship that is full of wonderful amenities. I recently sailed on this same ship over this past Thanksgiving and have no complaints and can not wait to go back again on this same ship. The ship is easy to navigate and find your way around. This ship has many dining options, a rock climbing wall, a promenade (inside mall) area, and even an ice skating rink.
Check out for details on booking the above cruise. At these prices rooms won’t last long.


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