What Is An Outside Cabin On A Cruise Ship?

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As cruises get cheaper and cheaper, more and more people are flocking to them for the first time, if for no other reason than to see what they have been missing.  The same can be said about the size, style and opulence of the newer, super-cruise ships, many with waiting lists of years for certain locales.  However, even the smaller cruise ships, with passenger manifests below a thousand still have different classes of cabins, or state rooms.  Knowing in advance what type of room you prefer can help you to choose the right cruise for your private preferences, and ensure that you enjoy your cruise to the fullest.

Cabins are not only on the outside of the cruise ships, nor only above the water line.  There can be up to three or four aisles of cabins along the length of the ship, with rooms on either side, making for six to eight cabins across the ship’s width.  Only two of these, on either side of the cruise ship, have water sights, be it from a port hole, window or patio, enclosed or open.  Outside cabins are the ones that have this water view, or are on lower levels, with smaller and smaller port holes, which do not open (thankfully), as you get lower and lower in the ship.

One disadvantage of having an outside cabin is that the patio is room that could have been, well, in your room.  You get a smaller living space, but a patio is included, and you have to hope for good weather to enjoy it, and views that make the patio worthwhile.

If you are on a short cruise, three to seven nights, and are stopping at three to seven, or even more ports of call, then reason states that you would not be spending all that much time in your cabin anyways, surely not enough so as to make what type of cabin you have make or break your cruise.  However, for longer cruises, or for longer stays on the high seas, having an outside cabin with a balcony is the ultimate in cruising.

If you get lucky, you can have the sunrise in the morning and then the sunset at night, one or the other, or, if a little unlucky, you could even miss both.  And the fresh, salt air breezing through your open patio doors.  Sounds ideal, doesn’t it?

For many cruise ships, the cabin that you get is not a reflection of how much you spend on your tickets, as much as when you bought your tickets.  Operating on a first-pay first-choice selection of cabins, many cruise liners use this as an incentive to sell tickets early, and therefore pretty much guarantee a sixty to seventy percent full ship of paying cruisers.

For the cruisers, this is a chance to get luxury accommodations for the same price as an inside cabin.  But even if the outside cabin is more expensive, it is well worth it for the views that they offer, and the fresh, salt air.

Bon voyage.  Travel safe, travel informed.


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