The Little Red Toaster From Sunbeam

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I had this idea when I moved into my apartment, my kitchen would have all red appliances. I bought a red coffee maker, red and white dishes, even red and white towels.I had done my research on toasters at the mortor-in-brick stores in my city. They just did not click with me.  Finally I went online and googled a red toaster. Sears, Target, then Amazon. I had done shopping on Amazon a few times before and was pleased with my purchases. So, Amazon it was.

I was happy that day when my red toaster and red whistling tea kettle arrived. They looked so good in my kitchen. My kitchen was looking up, I thought. I left the toaster untouched for a few days until my son came to visit me. He fixed Toaster Strudels that morning and I thought to myself they looked a little burnt. I didn’t think much about it because a toaster is a toaster right? Just adjust the number and you have toast. Not with this toaster. What I really should have done was read the manuel. I should have inspected my red toaster, turning it upside down, looking at it from the inside out.

This is the most unusual toaster. Oh it had the number adjuster, but to my surprise when I went to pop my toast, I could not. My toast was getting browner and browner, and could not pop them up. I had to unplug the thing to get my toast out. I finally went to the manual, and boy, there is a stop button right under the number dial to click your toast UP! No more burnt toast! Wow, I thought, you think you know something and to your surprise…

Anyway, I continued to inspect it further, and low and behold, a tray underneath it pulls out and you can dump the crumbs, too. Needless to say, I am enjoying my little red 2-slicer. But, I am going to be very careful and read the manual first before plugging up anything else!


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