Get Youthful Skin

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Have Youthful Skin

By Staysik


Your skin’s condition is affected by environment and genetics. The genetics you really can’t do much about. What you can do is make simple adjustments in your daily habits that will reflect in clear, young-looking skin…whatever age you are! It’s never to early or too late to have more youthful skin.

First of all, sunblock is essential to younger-looking skin, so apply some oil-free 15-30 spf everyday, even in the winter. Snow reflects the sun, so your skin will be getting a double dose of damaging rays if you are not protected.

Drink plenty of water and eat small, healthful meals throughout the day. Your body does not put skin on its list of priorities if you do not eat enough healthful food. In fact, if you notice during times of stress and not eating enough healthful food, your skin usually will not have a “glow” to it or you may break-out. Be sure to eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruit each day. Aim for 5 servings of vegetables and 4 servings of fruit a day. Have a variety of fresh produce- don’t just stick to one or two types- and eat the brightly-colored, high-antioxidant veggies, berries and fruits.

Try to incorporate some yoga into your exercise routine, because this form of exercise has been shown to reduce stress and help facilitate the elimination of toxins in your body, which will be good for your skin.

Be sure to wash the make-up off your face at night if you’re a woman, and dirt/sweat for men and women.  Wash your face in the morning as well, with a mild cleanser, like Cetaphil, and use lotions for your skin-type after washing and patting your skin dry. Look for products with retinols, which help keep skin clear and reduces wrinkles.  You don’t need to sink a lot of money into all sorts of products, look for reviews on the best products and pick on or two for your face type.  Sunblock in the daytime, and a diet high in antioxidants goes a long way.   Products with retinols in them will also really help with fine lines. 

Exfoliate dead skin cells 1-2 times a week with a gentle exfoliating facial scrub. You can use a sugar scrub for your body- just combine some olive oil and sugar in a clean jar and use this after washing your body in the shower or bath.

Use satin or silk pillow-cases to avoid squishing your skin against the pillow all night (yes, this does actually make a difference- think about how many hours a week you spend asleep).

Tips & Warnings

  • When you use products with retinols in them, always wear sunblock because it will make your skin more sun-sensitive. Just wear sunblock everyday and make things easier for yourself and you’ll have youthful skin too!


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