Kitty’s Favorite Toy For Free

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Kitty’s Favorite Toy for free

By Staysik


Cats don’t care how much you spent on a gift- they just love playing with something fun. An empty box might get more attention from a cat than a nifty toy you picked out at the pet store. Not to mention the fact that they might demolish the toy quickly anyway. Felines can’t resist seeing something moving away from them, especially if its something on a string…


Things You’ll Need: stuff you can find for free, or you maybe already have

  • String or yarn

  • Feathers and/ or bread-twisty-ties

  • stick


So I present to you “fishing for kitty”, as a friend calls it… You need a stick that’s about 1 to 1 ½  feet long, and a piece of yarn or household twine, a little bit longer than the stick. Tie the yarn to the end of the stick…securely, because it will just pop off if you don’t.


You now have your “fishing pole” and you just need to “bait” it. This is where you can be creative: pick something small that your cat likes- this can be a feather, a small catnip mouse, a little pom-pom, or even those little twisty-ties that come on bread bags. Just make little spring-shapes with the twisty-ties and attach it to the string. Same goes with whatever you’re using- tie the feather or catnip mouse onto the end of the string.


Now you can just drag the toy in front of the cat and he or she will give chase. This is also a really helpful way to get kitty inside if you just lure them in- they won’t even mind going inside because they’ll be having too much fun.   If they have a little kitty-condo or something they will play all over with this.  Or just let the kitty hide under a chair and dangle the “bait” in front of them a few times.  They will love this toy and when it wears out, it doesn’t cost much to replace!


  • Feathers are probably the best kitty bait, with small catnip toys a close second.

Photo Credit

Niña kitty, by staysik


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