How To Celebrate Valentine’s Day As A Single

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Valentine’s day is the time to celebrate love. Of course, the legend and the mainstream media portray it as a day for the lovers, but in reality the holiday is for everyone. Therefore, do not feel depressed if you are single during this time. Instead take it as an excuse to be happy. And for this, you can follow simple technique that will help you spread love even among your peers who are also single like you. Continue reading the steps to know how you can exactly do it.

Step 1: 7 days before the valentine’s day call up your friends to go to the mall.

Step 2: Once at the mall, do a special shopping. Get yourself red or pink clothes for the valentine’s day. On seeing this, your friend will do the same. The colors, red and pink are emphasized here because they closely mark the holiday.

Step 3: 2 days before the holiday, invite your friends for a Valentine’s day lunch or dinner. Let them know that they have to be in the special clothes they bought from the mall.

Step 4: To make sure you give them enough happiness, buy and wrap some valentine’s day presents for them. Remember, the gifts here do not need to be expensive. A small teddybear or a box of chocolates is all you will need.

Step 5: On valentine’s day during the special meal time stay cheerful with your friends and do hand over the gifts to them. Talk about happy things, but do not turn to television for entertainment. You don’t want to see couples after all. The day belongs to you and your friends only.

Repeat the steps every Valentine’s day and soon you will see that it has become a holdiay ritual for you and your friends.


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