Valentine’s Day Celebrations at School

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Red hearts and cupids decorate the classroom bulletin board.  Streamers line the walls.  It is almost February 14th, time for the annual Valentine’s Day party.  It is time to prepare the best Valentine’s Day party you’ve ever thrown.

Establish classroom rules for the party before the day of the party.  It is important for children’s feelings to be protected.  Make sure that all the children understand that they must bring a card for all the students if they bring any cards at all.  Comments made on the cards need to remain thoughtful and friendly.

Decide what kind of refreshments you want served for the party.  You may want to limit the amount of sugary treats and add vegetable trays, crackers, fruit and other healthy snacks.  Decide how the refreshments will be furnished, either by a classroom budget or student contributions.  If students are to provide the snacks, plates, drinks, napkins and cups, send a note home a week before the party.  Make sure it has a receipt to be signed and returned.  Send a second note home the day before the party.

Bean bag toss:

Make little bean bags that are shaped like hearts.  Make a line on the floor with masking tape.  Four or five feet away, place little plastic buckets.  Form teams and have a bean bag toss competition.

Heart a-Stacks:

Give each student a box of Valentine conversation hearts.  Hit your classroom bell to start the game.  Each child will open a box of candy and begin one solid stack of the miniature hearts.  The first person who completes the task is the winner.  An alternative way to play is to time the students.  The winner is the one whose stack is the highest when the timer blows.

Cinnamon heart guessing game:

Fill a small jar with heart-shaped cinnamon candies.  Count them as you place them in the jar.  The student guessing the closest number without going over the amount in the jar wins the jar of candy.

Alter a few regular party games to fit the holiday.  Some party games need very little adjustment to work for Valentine’s Day.

Cupid Says….is a replacement for Simon Says.

Valentine’s Day Pictionary uses pictures that relate to the holiday.

Valentine’s Day Charades players act out Valentine’s Day ideas.

Pin the Heart on Cupid replaces Pin the Tail on the Donkey.  Draw a large cupid on a foam board.  The idea is to add a heart to the end of his arrow.  Students will have fun seeing where the heart actually ends up.

Valentine’s Day activities are fun too!  These activities allow your students to exercise their artistic side.  They can also be completed while the artist is sitting down.

Have your students make gigantic valentines for any classroom volunteers, janitors, lunchroom workers, school nurse or principal.  Have all of the students sign each card.

Decorate sugar cookies.  After each cookie is decorated, it can be eaten by the inspired artist.

For more game ideas, visit this site.


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