How to Install Real Player

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1. Go to RealPlayer home page and choose which player you want to download, ie the free player or the Premium player where you want to pay a monthly fee. To download the basic player and not realPlayer SuperPass scroll down to the bottom of the page and click were it says ,Get the Basic Player.

2.  Run the installer after downloading the file . Accept Terms of End User Agreement to go forward with the installation.

3.  The RealPlayer Setup will ask you to configure the settings, ie you can specify/change the location where you want to install it, choose it as the default media player for running videos, enable/disable the plugin that makes it possible to download videos from internet etc. Going with the default options will not hurt but still make sure you read it.

4. RealPlayer might offer you to install some additional software (such as Google Chrome) along with it. But if you do not wish to waste your bandwidth, you can just uncheck the box.

5.  Wait till it download all the installation files and installs them .

6. If you want to give the SuperPass a try, go with default settings. But if you wish to use the Basic Player, choose the other.

7. Register RealPlayer by filling in your email-id and providing a password.

8.Now, RealPlayer should be up and running . Enjoy.

Installing Real player in Linux

1.  Real Player is also available for Linux and you can download it from here . RP for Linux platform is still in deveopment stages and therefore many features are yet to be present . When you download the file , make sure you set the location as the Downloads Folder .

2.  Open the terminal ( Applications –> Accessories –> Terminal) or press Alt+F2 and search for the application named terminal . Navigate to the Downloads Directory with the following command :

cd ~/Downloads

 3.  Become root . You need root ( admin) access to install Real Player . To have admin/root privilege   , type in ‘ su ‘ and also your password if prompted. If you are using Ubuntu Linux , you should use ‘ sudo su ” instead .

4.  Make the the file executable and install it . To do so , use the following commands .

chmod a+x RealPlayer11GOLD.bin

 5. Hope this helps .


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