How to Make Money Online Writing Blogs

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Writing blogs is a great way to earn some income on the Internet. It will take hard work if you ever want to see money come in though. You can use a free blog provider like blogger to set up a blog and start blogging now. The problem is many people do not know how to really write a successful blog. A blog that can bring in traffic, sell a product and really earn a decent income. Here are a few tips on making money with blogs.

You are going to make blog using a provider like It is free to join and very easy to sign-up for an account. You will need to get an easy to remember blog name so readers can remember your site. It should also be unique so people are not confused with another blog. You want people to remember your blog.

As you are placing content on your blog you also need to be placing ads so you can earn money. A good advertising program to use would be Google’s Adsense or Kontera. They are great for making a decent income with a blog and easy to put on your site. When you are accepted as a member you can create your ad and place it on your site to make money. Just remember to follow all the rules or you can risk losing your web site.

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