10 Harmful Effects Of Cigarette Smoking

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Cigarette does contain several harmful and toxic chemicals which are fatal to the body. One needs to be aware of these harmful effects and must immediately quit smoking. Cigarette smoking does have adverse harmful effects on the entire body and does affect every part and organ of the body.

#1: Yellow Teeth. Cigarette smoking shall stain your teeth yellow/brown in color.

#2: Infant death. Smoking during pregnancy can cause birth defects or death in a child.

#3: Cancer. There are 43 chemicals that are found in cigarette smoke which have been clinically proven to cause cancer. These 43 chemicals cause lung cancer, mouth cancer, cancer of bladder, or throat cancer.

#4: Skin discoloration. The skin of long-term smokers show dull, grayish skin discoloration with deeper lines and wrinkles.

#5: Expenses. Smoking cigarettes can cost people tens of thousands a dollars a year.

#6: Pollution. Smoke generated from cigarettes contributes to world pollution.

#7: Gum disease and other oral problems. Smoking causes several gum diseases and oral complaints.

#8: Cigarette smoking can raise the likelihood of developing cataracts – capable of causing blindness.

#9: Infection. The smoker’s body is more likely to develop an infection in an open wound, as the immune system in them can be damaged.

#10: Early menopause. Smoking may stop the menstruation cycle in a woman.

Those are just 10 of the several harmful effects of cigarette smoking. There are thousands of reasons to quit smoking, and thousands of ways to do so.


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